30 things I learned in my 30s

Haven’t blogged in a while!  Haven’t blogged since the journey to the screening of my film was complete.

What a year so far this has been.

Finishing my film and sharing with people is a feeling that I carry with me every day.  I’m pleased to mention that my film will be a part of the Picture This….film festival (a disability arts fest) in Calgary in early 2017.  This is only the beginning for this film of mine.  A second screening in Montreal this Fall is also in the works.  There’s still a lot to do.  And I am so excited about where it may be able to go.

It’s quite fitting to me that all of this is happening during the year I turn 40.  Today is my 40th birthday.  My 30s are officially done; the decade where I got married and became a father – nicely completed.  And now I move into a new set of 10 years where new projects, life lessons and who knows what awaits!

There are no coincidences.  Things align themselves when they’re meant to.

In my typical, introspective, annoying way here’s my list of things that I learned in my 30s that I know bring into my 40s. I wrote one for each day in August leading up to today:

Aug 1:  Having appreciation and understanding for the sacrifices my parents made for us.

Aug 2:  Watching your collection of friends go away, and treasuring the ones that didn’t.

Aug 3: Firmly believing that you must leave what you know and go somewhere new and relearn life in the way that you want it to be.

Aug 4: Embracing all parts to who I am: my skin colour, my race, my past lives.

Aug 5: Being sensitive is my suit of armour.

Aug 6: Yoga will always serve as my connection to the universe.

Aug 7: Never doubt your instincts – they’re always right (well, mostly)

Aug 8: Having a partner in your life doesn’t define me, but rather it grounds me

Aug 9: Love became something bigger when my girl was born.

Aug 10:  Words will always be my grandest source of plugged in inspiration.

Aug 11: Be comfortable in your own shoes, and wear comfortable ones.

Aug 12: Music will always be an outlet that speaks when I can’t.

Aug 13: I laugh loudly and without breath.  That is a good thing.

Aug 14: Use every chance you can to tell someone you love them.

Aug 15: Stay true to that tiny voice inside you.  That voice makes the best decisions.

Aug 16: Walk outside and breath the air.

Aug 17: I’ve learned to talk less and listen more – or at least try to.

Aug 18: Sometimes it’s ok to say no.

Aug 19: Unless you’ve actually lived in another person’s shoes, don’t pass judgement.

Aug 20: It’s never a bad thing to stand up if you think something is not right.

Aug 21: Appreciate all the good and bad stuff that brought you to this point.

Aug 22: You can control your life.  Nothing will fall into your lap unless you make it so.

Aug 23: My being kind to people isn’t the same as being clueless.

Aug 24: Everyone is still trying to figure out who they are.  No one has it down.

Aug 25: There is always two sides to every story.  Don’t be so quick judge.

Aug 26: All the things I think that are weird about me, make me me.

Aug 27: I have anxiety.  I cover it somewhat well.  But I learn every day to breathe through it.

Aug 28: I’m a lot stronger than people might think.

Aug 29:  I used to lower my expectations on myself in order to accommodate others.  Not anymore.

Aug 30:  Bring it!

I’m ready for ya, 40!