And so it is…

Yesterday afternoon, my friend (and social media compadre of all things I Can Dream Theatre) Chelle and I went to technical test my doc at the theatre where it will be screened in a week’s time.  The test itself went well. There were some tiny hiccups but we seem to be all set for next week.

I hadn’t watched my film in more than a week. We needed a break from each other. It’s a great feeling knowing that your film is finished; knowing that you’ve said what you needed to say so you can leave it alone. A tiny door finally closing after over a year of being open.

When I watched scenes flicker in front of me on the big screen yesterday, I felt like I was keeping my emotions in check and not really taking in where I was at that moment. I mean, here I was in a movie theatre – a setting that I have worshipped and adored ever since I was a kid….watching my film being shown. I wasn’t taking that in at all. I was in troubleshooting mode to make sure all details were confirmed and organized.

It was about an hour later when I had left and was sitting down that the realization of all of this hit me.

Perhaps this golden moment will never happen to me again. So it’s important to me that I feel and breathe in all of these moments.

The first piece of footage I ever filmed for this documentary  was on January 10, 2015.

The last sequence that was tweaked and signified the end of this film was on April 11,2016.

I made this film with a simple video camera, and on my personal laptop. Let this be a lesson to anyone else: if you want to make a film, you have the capacity to do so!

It doesn’t have effects or super crazy editing.

All that’s left is seeing how people receive it.

Thanks for reading all of these posts and following me on this road. It’s not a road that is fully traveled but just a part of this journey is done.  I look forward to seeing how this film will keep moving.

Hope to see you at the screening. Make sure to come and say HI and let me know what you think, good or bad.  I might look like I’m in the moon that night so a good way to get my attention is to yell my name. Or wave your arms in a circular motion…if anything it’ll make me laugh and alleviate any anxiety or stress I’ll be dealing with that night. 🙂

Consider this film my pushback to the universe; me sending out a positive heart shaped signal.

Speaking of hearts, I hope the film speaks to yours.

April 20th 2016 (6)



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