When I decided to start going to rehearsals for I Can Dream Theatre’s production of “The Tale Of Macbeth(ish)”, I hadn’t set out to make a documentary at that time.  I remember randomly asking if anyone had ever come to their rehearsals and just filmed stuff for their own posterity.  I was told that yes someone had come before, but it never really went anywhere.  So I took it upon myself to go and perhaps put together some fun videos for Facebook based on whatever footage I was recording.

In fact, last January when I had gone to their first rehearsal and shot a fair amount of footage, I had the idea to make a few “mini documentaries” over the course of 2015 with a bigger documentary once the show was done in November.  Everyone agreed.  I was excited.

I actually finished one mini doc and I showed it to the team.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  I was excited. I went home after the screening really buzzed by the whole thing.

And then I woke up the next morning deciding that I was going to stop the entire idea.

Because it occurred to me that morning what could be done with this.  There was something bigger than Facebook posts at play here.  I think my little epiphany moment was that perhaps there was a greater story to be told about this organization, this group, the members.

So I jettisoned the entire idea of “the mini doc” and focused on a larger full length one.

I went to a rehearsal once a month from January until October (minus the summer months) and I just filmed what was going on, occasionally speaking to cast members one on one and asking them why they loved being in the group.

I sat down with Ada, Michele and Trish and had a little question and answer period with each of them.  Their answers to my questions were both hilarious and honest.

But it’s about the cast.  It’s always about the cast.

What I hope to get with my film is the palpable joy that its members have with they’re all together. It’s not only just about rehearsing, but about their camaraderie as friends, as those that truly care and enjoy being around each other.

And it was fascinating to witness the evolution first hand.  From those first beginning rehearsals straight through until the nights before a rapturous audience at Oscar Peterson Concert Hall.  So much work goes into putting on a show like this.

I’m glad there was a camera lens to capture it this time around.

Evenings these days, you’ll find me in my home editing and editing and editing this story together with my goal of effectively telling the  I Can Dream Theatre tale in a way that touches you on a different level than when you go to see one of their productions.

My goal as a creative person is to tell good stories.

I look forward to sharing this one with all of you.






I’m makin’ a movie.

I think I’ve wanted to make a movie ever since I was 6 years old.

My love for film probably goes back that far – it’s a love rooted in so much of myself.  It’s a pure, organic, unfettered by nothing kind of love that either some people just get, or some people think it’s absolutely insane.  It’s about the same way I feel about music.  The connection I feel between either one of these forms is indescribable, almost religious, almost sacred.

I studied Film, I ate Film, I completely immersed myself in all kinds of filmic experiences.  I never ever thought that I would make one in the end because I never felt like I had something with weight to say.  I worked on film sets and I saw the work and the sweat and the minutae of details that go into creating a film.  It’s a helluva lot of work that requires an almost animalistic drive and devotion that I knew I couldn’t cut it.  It made me inspired, and yet it made me nervous.  And that was ok.

I’m not gonna lie though: whenever a life situation happens to me, in my mind, I feel like sometimes I look through the moment through the lens of a film projector.  I know – its weird.  Whatever.

So, 20 years later, after studying about film and writing about it I find myself in the surprising shoes of making a movie.  A documentary.  About a theatre group made up of adults with special needs. It’s a group (I Can Dream Theatre) that is pretty near and dear to my heart. It’s funny when you don’t look for something, sometimes the opportunity just comes to you.

After shooting footage of the group in rehearsal for the better part of a year, and then capturing their performance unveiled to a rapturous audience, I am now weaving together the story of this group so that more people can understand the great work that is being done.

It’s been shown to the public in the Spring. April 28th to be exact.

I’m excited, nervous, nauseous and in awe all at the same time.

For the next couple of blog entries, I’m going to write about the process of putting the film together leading up to the big reveal in April.

Hope you enjoy the read!