I have to say: juggling two blogs is quite interesting.
One is reserved with the experience of moving back home to Montreal.
And then there’s this one – my first. You never forget your first, as they say. Bad analogy?
So, I find myself assembling some things to begin a writing project again. A couple of weeks ago, my cousin mentioned something about my Dad which completely flabbergasted me into the other room. (I’m not divulging it here, but until the entire project is ready to be presented). Now it was nothing earth shattering either, but just a detail about my Dad that really surprised me after hearing so many accounts about him for years that sort of went against this new piece of information. 🙂
So, after getting confirmation from my sister Mel about this (WHAAT!), I realized that perhaps there are other unearthed parts to my father that I didn’t know about.
Now, about 7 years ago, I did assemble a story about my Dad. I had called it Answers, and it was two things: my account of growing up without my Dad, and what that was like – not to mention craving pieces of him wherever I could get, and the other being testimonies from family members about their memories of him.
I truly thought that this was the long-awaited creative piece that I had always wanted to write on my Dad. That was it.
Until three weeks ago.
So I have gone to my family once more, and asked them about tidbit details about my father this time…not the big memories, but the tiny pieces of him that I didn’t know about either.
I’m in the process of trying to think about how it will be all put together. Seven years ago there wasn’t even half the amount of ways to share information that there is now – it’s all quite exciting.
So, keep your eyes open…it’s coming soon. 🙂