there’s an ending coming

there’s an ending coming

and i can feel it in my bones, in my body

and there’s nothing that i can do about it

but look it in its tiger mouth

and move through it

ride through it

with my shield and suit of armor

but who am i kidding

i don’t have either of those things

so i will just use my skin and my nerve

and jump into it with eyes wide open

and wait to see where my sky ends up

i have no reason to think that it won’t work

i have all reason to think that it will

so here’s to throwing my arms up

and expecting the tears to fall

and enjoying the landing


My MDNA album review

About two months ago, I wrote an extensive blog post about Madonna’s discography and waiting anxiously to hear her new album MDNA.

The album came out at the end of March.  I bought it on the first day (like I have done with all of her albums, as well as for all of the artists whom I have pledged loyalty for life).  I brought it to work, and it was my background music for the day.  But what I found while I was listening to it was that it was the exact opposite – it completely does not function as background music.  I found myself listening closely to certain lyrics, certain production choices (was that a banjo I heard?).  And by the end of it, I knew only one thing – I was confused but I didn’t hate the album.  For days afterwards, I didn’t really know how to sum up what this MDNA was – it definitely was a step up from Hard Candy, and it was definitely showing that Madonna had indeed not thrown in the towel when it came to creating music…..and yet, I still didn’t know.

I once read a great comment from producer of awesomeness Timbaland who said that when you hear a song and you don’t immediately like it, that’s actually a good thing.  Because a song should challenge you with every listen, rather than just be ear candy.

A few more days passed and the breakthrough happened.  I got it, or rather I understood what was happening.  This album is a dark one,  it’s a schizophrenic, weird, revealing little thing that some people will understand (most do!) and some will think it’s just too bizarre.  I like this album – I really do.  It’s no Ray of Light but really, she ain’t gonna repeat herself and I think I have to let go of the idea that she will replicate mastery like that one.  MDNA is decent.

And here is the track by track:

Girl Gone Wild – still irresistible beat, dumb lyrics somewhat.  She opens with the act of contrition, which she did creepily and geniusly at the end of the Like A Prayer album.  Still, I can listen to this one for a while.

Gang Bang – hello, crazy!  This isn’t a song, but more like a weird sonic experience. I’m sure when she does this on tour, it will be awesome.  I quickly took this off of my iPod because like I said – it’s not a song!

I’m Addicted – you really feel that you’re on drugs listening to this song.  Really like it.

Turn On The Radio – not bad, kinda dumb…but not a total waste of time.

Give Me All Your Luvin’ – skip.

Some Girls – great song, crazy sound to it.

Superstar – her daughter Lourdes sings back up on this one – don’t like the song.

I Don’t Give A – the first track that she reveals some of her breakup.  Nicki Minaj’s voice is a welcome addition, which is nice considering that I really can’t stand her.  The weird choral arrangement at the end is bombastic, but it kinda works.

I’m A Sinner – LOVE it.  Hello, William Orbit revisiting Beautiful Stranger! Fun stuff, and the rundown of the saints is funny.

Love Spent – LOVE it!! That banjo kicks ass, the lyrics are sad and superficial.  Sounds awesome.

Masterpiece – I am a sucker for a Madonna ballad.  Simplistic song, but I can listen to it endlessly.  However, I don’t like that she uses the word “light” twice in one verse.

Falling Free – very, very complex ballad here – and really revealing.  Madonna’s in sweet vocal form here too.  Very solemn song.

and then she has some extra songs (on the deluxe edition of the album):

Beautiful Killer – meh.

I Fucked Up – Has some really revealing moments, ends funnily.

B-Day Song – with M.I.A. – do yourself a favour and skip this one.

Best Friend – great song, sad, catchy.

There ya have it.