I love British music. This is something that has been the case for a really long time. There is something about the music that comes out of the UK that truly speaks to me. I think there’s a freedom there that is inherent in the music’s DNA that you don’t find in North American music. Maybe it’s also their unabashedly sense of pop that I love – Lord knows I love me a good pop songs.
Here are two songs that I really do enjoy of late:


What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

This topic was sent to me via The Daily Post:

If you could go back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

I would:

  • Assure that Merrill that all of those feelings of doubt and confusion will not be as intense, but remain somewhat.
  • Tell that Merrill that “No, you aren’t going to be alone for the rest of your life.”
  • Promise that Merrill that there would be a different kind of love coming to him, and that he just would have to be patient for it.
  • Insist to that Merrill that he should stop dyeing his hair sooner.
  • Tell that Merrill that his gut was always right.
  • Insist to that Merrill that his artistic soul was not a weakness, but a strength.
  • Confirm to that Merrill that not all of the friends he was surrounded by would stick around.
  • Promise that Merrill that all of the judgment he was getting would subside and he would come into his own.

And then I would give Merrill a hug, tell him that one day he would be able to say “I love you” verbally and receive it in return and then tell him that words would always be there to create.

I think he turned out okay. 😉

A Man

This upcoming Saturday, I am attending a conference at Ryerson University entitled “What Makes a Man”.

The link is right here:

The mission of this conference and of the White Ribbon Campaign at Ryerson is to raise awareness about the growing violence against women and how that aspect can change through the behaviour of what makes a man.  There will be speakers present and an opportunity to learn more about this movement.

I am really excited about this conference.  The more I think about it, the more I feel as though this movement speaks to me on a resonating amount of levels.  I grew up in a house of women – strong, intelligent, emotional women that I believe rubbed off greatly on me.  I never had that feeling of having to be a certain way because of my gender.  My family respected it.  I grew up as a really sensitive and emotional boy and my family didn’t judge it, though my peers did.  I never thought I was weak because of it, but I did feel that need to try and “fit in” with others so that I wouldn’t be known for being different.  It was only as I grew and learned more about myself that I realized that I should use these traits of mine as something positive rather than a negative.

This has all gotten all the more stronger as I’ve waded through life, met my wife and now have a daughter.  I think having a baby, a girl – who will grow up to be a woman has suddenly made this movement become all the more stronger for me.  I am a parent now, and I want to raise my girl to know that she can be and do anything that she wants to be.  No limitations.  And as a man to positively affect her in this way, will hopefully allow her to see men (and women) in a positive and equal light.  It’s as though I have a mission in life now – and this campaign, while it does have a grassroots element to it, needs to become more universal – and I can’t wait to hear that message on the weekend.