Life of Pi

Dearest Life of Pi,

Hurrah! I finally finished you after about 8 years of putting you down, picking you up, putting you down, picking you up…I thought I blamed it on my 20s and not knowing any better – or rather not having enough patience to follow through.  I think that’s still the case, but I don’t think I was totally far off.  Yes, I definitely didn’t have that annoying tick inside of me that needs to follow through on books (which I totally have now), but 8 years apart and the answer remains true:  you’re not that good of a book.

This is what I did like about you: you were realistic; you were set in India; the main character was someone I did care for and was curious to see how you’d end up.  This is what I didn’t like about you: your quest for God was only surface level; you kinda were rambling and empty at time; your arduous journey towards land wasn’t that much of a relief; you were connecting your story to a life metaphor but I don’t think even you knew what it was.

It wasn’t a complete waste of time; I did feel like I accomplished something by finishing you.  I appreciate that.  I appreciate the closure that you have given me regarding completion.  I like that.  Will I be recommending this one to others?  Do I know exactly what the fuss was all about? Well, you know the answer to that one.

I hope that Ang Lee can perhaps illuminate you more, in ways that only Ang Lee can because he is a wonderful filmmaker.  How he will make a film where a Bengal tiger is the second most important role is beyond me – I will still watch.

Thanks for something that I am still trying to figure out,



The death of the music video – Part 2

Take On Me – Aha

I remember this video from when I was a kid.  I remembered thinking what a cool concept it was and I still do.  I also remember my sister rewinding the 1986 American Music Awards so that she could see Aha’s lead singer smiling.  Ridiculous.

Praying For Time – George Michael

From an album that is underrated, this video was the first single from George Michael’s follow up to Faith.  He decided that he didn’t want to appear in any videos from the album, so with this one it just features the lyrics to the song.  Somehow it really brings the message home clearer than ever.

Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

I love me some MJ any time.  This video, particularly for the dancing, remains untouchable.

Alanis Morissette – Ironic

Alright so I included another Alanis video here.  I wore this one out – just huge love and nostalgia here.

Sarah McLachlan – Stupid

Different from Sarah’s other vids.  And the final moments remind me of an ABBA record cover.