The Body

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” was a television show that ranks as one of my all time favorites.  Created by the god that is Joss Whedon, the show used humor, horror and drama all creatively and in such an original way.  I remember hearing so much positive comments about the show back in 1997 which is when I started to watch.  It used to be on at 7PM on YTV in Montreal (we didn’t have the WB network at the time) so that was my only way of being able to watch the show.

I watched the show religiously from Season 1 through Season 5, which is the season where the character of Dawn was introduced as Buffy’s sister.  I didn’t truly realize the genius of Whedon at the time, so my confusion at the sheer non questioning of the origin of this Dawn person got the better of me, so I stopped watching.

Once the series began being released on DVD, I scooped up every one of them and managed to go through the entire series and make up for my shortcomings.  Why, oh why did I ever doubt the Whedon. Especially since Season 5 became one of my favorites of the entire series.

I will never doubt the Whedon again.

In Season 5, probably my favorite episode of the entire series was made.  The episode is entitled “The Body” and in it, Buffy’s dearest mother Joyce dies of a brain aneurism.  Unlike episodes where our main heroine could defeat vampires and other monsters with a drop kick,  some fancy stake work or what not – here was something where she couldn’t control what was going on.  And it made the entire episode so vulnerable, so quiet, and so real.  To this day, I can’t go through the entire episode without shedding a tear.  The aesthetic choices to not have any music throughout was also amazing.

Much needs to be said about Sarah Michelle Gellar’s performance in this episode.  For someone who is always so coordinated when it comes to fights, here she is in quite possibly the most vulnerable she has ever shown on the show.

Whatever I have written in this post does not do the episode enough justice.  Here’s a clip (bad quality) of part of the opening of the episode:


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