Brown Bear, Brown Bear – What do you see?

Well, the birthday has come and gone –  it was a perfect day.  Lea slept all night in her crib (after the previous week of being really sick and wanting to sleep in our bed – hello, sliver of bed for daddy!) and it was a scorcher of a day.  There is nothing I love more than a really really hot day where you have nothing to do but sweat.  Granted, I prefer these days when I am not wearing “work clothes” but this was the first August 31st (not 30th – sorry, Kristy) that I can remember where it felt like July.

Mara took me out to lunch at Canteen – the new restaurant at the new TIFF building.  It’s a great place, with a nice open concept vibe to it, and the food was reasonably priced and incredibly delicious.  Finally, the night was capped off with some Domino’s Pizza.  Low key and perfect.  And I also responded to all of my Facebook messages!

Becoming a family of three is honestly the best thing that I could ever need in life.  Lea’s a full-fledged toddler now – she’s walking and nothing can hold her back.  She wants to get her hands into everything and anything.  Toilet paper, kitchen drawers, ziploc bags – you name it.

One of her favorite books at the moment is Bill Martin’s “Brown Bear, Brown Bear – What Do You See?”  She loves reading it over and over – and has now started to sound out the title by saying “BRAAH BAAAH!”  It is truly the cutest thing ever, and you can tell that she’s so happy knowing that we are understanding what she is trying to say to us. :):)

It’s these little anecdotes which make this whole ride amazing.


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